Worries and Fears

Some of my fears and worries I develop as I am planning my trip.


  • Rain – My biggest fear I think is to get wet. Will my ultra light tent sustain heavy snow/rain? Will my ultra light rain jacket not breakdown due to my heavy pack? How do I get everything dry inside when outside everything outside is wet?
  • Hyperthermia – It is a bit simmilar to rain; when you get wet you get cold. When my down jacket and down sleeping bag get wet they are not warm anymore. Then I cannot warm up anymore… then what…?
  • Snakebites – To be bitten by hidden snakes. I actually would love to see some snakes as long as they do not attack.
  • Unknown little creatures – Recently I read something about caterpillars which can be dangerous, what other creatures are there that can be dangerous and that I don’t know off?
  • Mosquito’s – I think they can make life miserable.
  • Alone in the dark – Sometimes I am scared when I am alone, especially when it is dark. Normally I know this fear is irrational, I am safe in my home (made of concrete and bricks with a lock on the door). But what if my tent is my home, it’s dark and I don’t know what’s out there…


So what about Bears?!?! What about Puma’s?!?! Well most of them will be scared of me as well. I will get scared when I see them, but it would be really cool to see them as well… from a far distance. Not my biggest fear and or worry at this moment.

I am sure this all will not be too bad. Pack my important stuff in waterproof bin bags, keep walking when it is wet and cold, watch out for crawling creatures, don’t pick them up, wear bugnet, and keep telling myself not to be afraid (unless there is really something to be afraid for).

Use common sense, keep walking!



Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. ~ Mark Twain

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