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not done Purchase and READ Yogi’s PCT Handbook I am very curious about this book, however it is very expensive to ship abroad, but I have a plan…
not done Read the PCTA website The PCTA website contains a lot of useful information.
not done Organise/apply for permits I will need permits to hike trhough the national parks. I will need a permit to enter Canada by foot. probably some more.
Never finished Read past PCT hiker blogs Some of the blogs I have studied and like:

done Create your own blog I really enjoy making this blog. My precious diary.
not done Get USA Visa Ow boy, I need to look into that…
in progress Research, purchase and test gear I need to get a lighter tent, water filter, water purifiers, warm clothing, waterproof clothing, i have got a whole shopping list.
not done Research food resupply. Also I want to know if I need to send care packages to myself or if it is possible to resupply in towns. what is cost/time efficient. I hear Yogi’s handbook along with Craig’s PCT Planner, are good help.
not done Test and prepare dehydrated food. Yes I want to dehydrate my own meals. I think you get a better variety of food this way.
not done Organise travel to the start of the trail PCTA
not done Purchase travel insurance Don’t know yet
not done Become a PCT member For good trail karma and to give back to your home for the next 5 months.
in progress Training Even though my philosophy is that I will get trained when I start, I do want to be in good shape when I start. Therefore I will exercise regularly. Also I will make (and have done) some very long day/multi-day hikes with heavy pack. This multi-day hikes are also good because I get to test my gear.
in progress Put a lot of new/good music pod casts and audio books on my phone. New music so I don’t have to listen to the music I already listen to a lot. Audio books to make road walking more interesting. Pod-casts for a good doses of humor now and then.


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