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done Purchase and READ Yogi’s PCT Handbook Lots of information. I wish I got this book sooner. The book is designed that you can rip out guiding sections to take with you on the hike. Lot of information of experienced hikers that show that everyone has a different system, that there is many different choices to choose from. In the end I have to figure out what will work for me.
done Read the PCTA website I have read most of it, and yes there is a lot of useful information.
done Organise/apply for permits
  • California Fire Permit – done
  • PCT Permit – done
  • Canada border crossing permit – too late, I will have someone send it after me.
Never finished Read past PCT hiker blogs Some more blogs I have read and like:

I strongly recommend to have a look at the last one, it is a comic about the trail, so no long rambling stories of someone you don’t know.

done Create your own blog So what do you think of my blog???
done Get USA Visa YES!!! (I even got the pretty visa paper in my passport, that I had to return to the Consulate for.)
done Get a flexible flight 28 April is the day I will fly!!
Also I have arranged to stay with Bob Riess, one of the San Diego Trail Angels, for two days, so I can run my last errands. He will pick me up from the airport, and on May 1st he will bring me to the trail at dawn. After I send him my flight details I got a most clear and beautiful simple email back: “Got it. you are all set. BR”
done Purchase travel insurance Nothing can happen to me anymore 🙂
in progress Research, purchase and test gear
  • Dirty Girl Gaiters, little challenge to purchase and ship to the Netherlands, accomplished.
  • Down jacket, successfully purchased and it was already keeping me warm in cold Azerbaijan.
  • Rain jacket and trousers, successfully purchased but not jet tested.
  • Shoes, Brooks Cascadias, like everybody else, they already given me some blisters though.
  • Solar Charger, purchased hope it will keep my phone charged, so far it is looking good.
  • Shelter, the very lightest I could find, it is on its way.
in progress Research food resupply / Make planning I hear from other foreign PCT-hikers that resupply packages (meat) might not get through customs, and therefore not be on time when I need that food. I find it a big relieve that I do not have to organize all my food from the beginning. From many blogs I have read this was kind of the thing you had to do. After more research and advice I have asked from other hikers I found out it is not that necessary to do so. For planning of the trip I use Graig’s PCT planner and Yogi’s handbook. I will however try and take some food for the first week with me on the flight, and I will purchase food for one or two resupply boxes for the first difficult shopping areas I encounter, that I will send from San Diego.
in progress Test and prepare dehydrated food Even though I would like to prepare my own meals so I have a varied and healthy-ish trail diet, it has been advised against to send foods (meat) by post abroad. It might be held in customs, and then my resupply might not show-up at all, which will mean that I will not have food for that section. Besides the risk it is also expensive to send packages from the Netherlands to the USA. I have been told that it is possible to do shopping along the trail and where necessary I prepare resupply boxes in trail towns. So that is the plan.I did borrow a dehydrator from a friend. I have tried to dehydrate a meal and it worked really nice. I will try and maybe make a few meals and snacks to take on the flight for the resupply boxes.
done Organize travel to the start of the trail Thank you Bob Riess!
done Become a PCT member With my donation to the PCTA, I have also become a member of the PCTA.
in progress Training See my post on Training.
in progress Put a lot of new/good music pod casts and audio books on my phone. Yea, if the sun is out (=power) I will not get bored.
in progress Get maps, navigation apps, water report information, weather forecast apps, snow forecast apps, etc Maps are ordered and hopefully waiting for me in San Diego when I arrive. I have a navigation app, apps for weather and water reports, and snow forecasts. I have a very cool bird guide app that even contains sounds and logs etc. I can always get more apps on the go.
in progress Get hydrated According to Yogi you should start drinking a lot of water before the start of the trail. Be hydrated before the start of the trail. I aim to drink 2 liters of water each day, next to my tea and soada’s and other hydrated stuff. Most times I do not manage more than 1.5 liters though. Ah well.


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