The days after the trail.


I decided to go back into the USA.  There is some horror stories of people that got in trouble at the border even with their entry paper. But if these papers don’t get communicated correctly, the USA might think I never left. I joint Cookiemonster and Morningstar who were picked up by Marvin. They were oke with me joining them. It was raining the morning we left. Good thing we got off the trail before the bad weather. Marvin lives in Bellingham and New Zealand. He hiked the trail as well but finished nearly a month earlier. I spent one night in Bellingham at Marvins house with Cookiemonster and Morningstar.

Marvin took really good care of us. We had a lovely lunch with tortillas, cheese and fruits. We took Marvin out for dinner at a local brewery where they served delicious chowder and fish. And the next morning we got a beautiful breakfast with pancakes and more fresh fruits.



Marvin was very pleased to see that I, a young woman, also had stiff legs, and having the hiker hobble. My feet stayed stiff and painful after resting or sitting, the rest of my vacation in Canada.

It was really nice to spend a little time with hikers. We talked about our trail adventures, showed all our pictures. We all did the same trail, but we all had very different experiences. Especially since I didn’t hike with Cookiemonster and Morningstar or Marvin.

In Bellingham I had a haircut. In a really big thrift shop i bought a new outfit. Even a pair of boots which made me look like a city person even in my hiker outfit. I weight myself: 117 pounds, 53 kilo’s. I lost a total of…???

The next day in the afternoon I went to Vancouver by bus. The immigration officer was a little confused when he couldn’t find my stamp of entering Canada two days earlier. Neither did I have a stamp for re-entering the USA. ‘You should have got one’ he said. When I explained that I hiked into Canada he let me pass without any other questions.

Vancouver is big. I went down town for dinner and to figure out where to stay. The following day I got my pedicure. I went to the mall and got a real bra matching my toenails and some personal hygiene products. I had my eyebrows waxed. And returned very tired back to my hotel. I totally missed the lunar eclipse.


The next day the ‘new’ me picked up Harmen from the airport. We were soooo happy to see eachother again. We’re off to explore Canada by campervan/RV/motorhome or however you want to call it.



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