Summary of my hike in numbers

How far did I hike???

zeros 0-7 miles 7.1-14 miles 14.1-21 miles 21.1-28 miles 28.1-35 miles 35.1-42 miles
11 days 10 days 23 days 58 days 43 days 2 days 1 days


Description Milage Kilometers
Total distance (including side trails, trips to water and hiking days off PCT) 2536.8 Miles 4082.6 Kilometers
Total distance on side trails, trips to water and hiking days off PCT 97 Miles 156.1 Kilometers
Total distance on PCT 2439.8 Miles 3926.5 Kilometers
Total distance skipped off the continues path 187.1 Miles 301.1 Kilometers
Average distance over all 16.7 Miles 26.9 Kilometers
 Average distance on PCT excluding zeros 18.2 Miles 29.3 Kilometers


Where did I sleep???

In my tent 101 nights
 In a Hotel/Motel  18 nights
At an official campground with running water  12 nights
In open air (cowboy camping)  5 nights
 At a trail angels house  5 nights
Hostel  4 nights
 In a hut/shed on the trail  3 nights


Some other statistics

Nights camped alone 10 nights
Times we had a camfire at camp 3 times
Times I took a painkiller 4 times
Days sunny and cloudless 51 days
Days with precipitation 29 days
Most consecutive days spent with other hikers (Podcast and Ewalk) 33 days
Miles hiked together with them 488 miles
Longest gab between resupplies 9 days
Numer of boxes I send myself 7 boxes
Most days between zeros 32 days
Most miles between zeros 616.3 miles
Most days between a shower 9 days
Number of days I hiked, but not on the PCT (mnt. Withney & Half Dome) 3 days
Most miles in one day 40 miles
Kilo’s lost on the trail ca. 10 kilogram
Pairs of shoes 4
Number of Backpacks 4


2 Responses

  1. Ed Manning says:

    Hi Iris, Just got back from a short vacation and was looking at PCT blogs and it was great to see your recent posts. Really like your post on your daily mileages. It makes it easier to visualize the hike. Hope your pains slowly go away. I have walked and hiked 1000 miles in the last 10 months and I had a hard time with foot pain from the boots I was using. I switched to Altra (Abound) trailrunners and have had zero foot pain and no blisters!!!! I usually hike 1 1/2 miles uphill with 1000 ft elevation gain, two times for a total of 6 miles , 5 to 7 days a week. The weather here is cooler now and I have 60 miles of PCT, in San Diego County, left to hike. Just a few short months and it will be time to go and Trail Angel and meet more hikers on the PCT.
    Great to see your posts and glad your bird watching was a success.
    Happy New Year !

  2. Ed Manning says:
    This is a really good blog about the PCT and he is now biking thru Mexico and headed south thru Central America and South America. There are also some blogs about his other adventures on his website.
    Enjoy the memories.

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