Day 53: The suspension bridge

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] thought today was naked hiking day. I didn’t see any naked hikers though. Maybe I am wrong.

We woke up early.  Way too early. I went to sleep at around 22:00h and my alarm woke me at 4:45. The hours I slept, I slept really good. But I felt like I could use some more sleep.

While walking this morning I thought of pictures and videos I had seen of the PCT, and I was wondering where the suspension bridge is. About one hour later, there it was. One person at the time. It was a very wobbly bridge over a real river.


Right after the suspension bridge, we hit the 800 mile marker. I don’t think I spend this much time between hundred mile markers before. Two zero’s and one whole day off trail up to Mount Withney. And we hike a bit slower due to the bigger elevation changes. And then there was some off trail hiking to town as well. Anyhow, 800 miles!!!


We had many river crossings today. I remember from wired’s blog how difficult it was in 2011, a very high snow year. We had some log crossings today. I think it was fun, it gives an extra touch to the hiking. All crossings so far in the Sierras I have been able to cross with (mostly) dry feet, via logs and or stepping stones.


We had a tough day. We had to make up for the fewer miles we did yesterday. We had one big uphill over Pinchot pass and went halfway up the next pass, Mather pass. Beautiful views most of the day. Tomorrow after Mather pass, we have a long long down hill.


Around 18:00h the mosquitoes came out. I stopped to put on my rain trousers because even while walking I could see them on my legs. I kept sweeping my legs. Problem is that as soon as you stop, they are all over you. So I kept moving in the process of putting on my trousers, very difficult. I forgot to buy the mosquitoe spray in Lone Pine. Och few more days. So far the bites have not been too bad. Luckily I had my hot dinner before the mosquitoes were awake.

Miles hiked: 19.5 miles
Lower Rae lake (794.3) – three miles before Mather pass (813.8)
Elevation: 10890 ft
Weather: Sunny

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