Day 52: Kearsarge pass again, and a second pass

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e had so much food left over. Spinach, marshmallows, cookies, blueberries, plums, chips, etc. Breakfast. I ate too much I think.

We had to hitch back and a peek climber Rowan, picked us up. He was on his way to go to a peek but he was happy with some company and brought us all the way to the trailhead. Thank you again Rowan!!


We started with 5 miles uphill. Our packs were loaded with 7 days of food. Heavy!! We felt a bit weak all day. We had to go over Glen pass as well.

During our lunch we met a ranger for the second time. He also wanted to see our permits and was asking about a dog on the JMT.

At sun down all mosquitoes came out again. It was horrible.  But now I am happily in my tent.



Miles hiked:  5.2 miles on PCT/JMT (+7.6 miles over kearsarge pass back , and +0.6 wrong direction )
junction to bullfrog lake/kearsarge pass (789.1) – Lower Rae lake (794.3)
Elevation: 10570 ft
Weather: Sunny

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