Day 145: Sunny and dry through the North Cascades NP

It was a beautiful day today. I didn’t sleep worse than other nights on my uncomfortable wooden matras. It was oke. I saw a group of waxwings today. Juveniles. So cool! I really enjoyed today.


As I walked up the Rainy Pass trailhead a car passed by and offered me trailmagic!! The guy was called Meander and had grown up in Tilburg, The Netherlands!!  So cool. I got a muffin and a rootbeer. He is on his way to Harts Pass to do trailmagic there, he was checking the register to see how many PCT hikers he could expect. If I do 27 miles tomorrow I’ll get bratwurst for dinner!

I’m camped alone. I stop early to be ready before dark. 20:00h it’s dark. I’m in bed before 20:00h. Maybe I sleep too long, maybe that’s why I wake up during the night. Probably not. Probably I’m thirsty and I have to pee. But why can’t I sleep after? I felt like reading. Sherlock gave me a short story of Jack London, ‘the white man’s way’. I read this till it was too dark. Then I brushed my teeth and wrote my blog. I started reading a book on my phone. I haven’t read a book this entire trail and now I’m reading. It’s 21:30 now. I just went to the toilet one last time and wanted to mention how beautiful the stars are. The moon is out like a bright lantern lighting all the mountains around me. And now it’s freezing cold out.


Miles hiked: 23.0 miles
High bridge camp (2569.4) – Trail camp (2592.4)
Weather: Sunny!!!
Countdown: 6 days done out of 9 days in total. 3 days to go.

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