Day 138: Autumn

I can get up earlier again. My alarm goes off just before it’s light. It’s light enough to find breakfast and a caffeine energy shot. I was hiking by 7:15h or so. Uphill.

We went through beautiful landscapes. Deep blue green lakes. Sadly it was cloudy. The autumn colours have been so beautiful. All the yellow and red in the ever green pine forests.

My feet are doing good. Just a little bit of pain. I guess the little bit of stretching and massaging that I occasionally do is helping.


We, me and Mantis, had planned to go for one more mile when we realised that we had to get water, we had passed the water. The last water before camp. Camp was a 1000ft climb in one single mile. We decided to go back and find a campsite.

To find two good spots nearby where we were was a challenge. We found a plausible area, still it was challenging. We tried to move a fallen tree and wasted our daylight.  We set up in the end and we are both happy.

We had dinner and got cold. I had tea.

Miles hiked: 20.5 miles (+ca 0.9 miles up the trail and back for water and camp)
Spade Lake trail junction (2427.6) – random spot along the trail (2448.1)
Weather: Overcast with a few raindrops. Changing between nice and cold. Very cold in the evening.

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