Day 136: Hiking the catwalk

I slept short but very good on the carpet in the study room. The short part of the night was my own fault, too busy with all sort of stuff, stretching, blogging, etc. It was my forth night in a row not sleeping in my tent. We got an amazing breakfast. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, biscuits, peaches, yogurt. Amazing!!!

This morning took a little longer than expected. So we had more time to rest I guess. I didn’t mind too much. We played with the cat and the dogs. By 10:45h or so we were at the trailhead. Thank you again Steve and Ginger for the unexpected wonderful stay. (And a big thanks to Hitch-bait and Pops for inviting me)


On the way up, when leaving town (however small) it’s always up, I still had a lot of service. I skyped my sister for about an hour. So nice. On the top was an amazing trail and view. This little part of the trail is called the catwalk because it’s so flat and wide and nice. We stopped at a lake for a swim and lunch.


After lunch I couldn’t keep up with the group anymore. The terrain was difficult, lot of bigger rocks. They were planning 22 miles. Well I didn’t make that, not sure about the rest. I’ll try to have an early start and I might catch up again. I may not.

Just as I thought I was the only one left on the trail, too far away from day hikers and no more pct hikers I met Mantis. I met him at the mcdonalds in Cajon Pass. We are camped together. 


Miles hiked: 14.6 miles
Snoqualomie Pass (2390.6) – Tentsite near some pools (2405.2)
Weather: Sunny and Hot.

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