Day 135: Washington is not Oregon

Washington is difficult. Beautiful but difficult. Not a place to hike 27 miles. Today, the day after was a heavy day, everyone was destroyed at Snoqualomie Pass. It wasn’t Mother’s day. He got stung twice in his calves, and his foot was sore.


Breakfast at the abandoned weather station


Me and Mother arrived just before 15:00h. There was one laundromat, no showers unless you’d stay in the hotel, so we were planning on using the restaurant sink instead.

A colleague of Pops actually lived nearby. He offered to do trailmagic and Pops and Hitch-bait could invite friends. So 8 of us went to the home of Steve and Ginger. Steve and his daughter Morgan picked us up and drove us to their home about 20 minutes away. Pops, Hitch-bait, Power-thighs, Sherlock, Double-Step, Bad Camper, Mother and me.

We got an amazing dinner. Salad, carrots, corn on the cob, mash potatoes with bacon and herbs, chicken, bread and butter. Amazing!! I really miss eating salad and meat.


Double -step, Bad Camper, Power-thighs, Pops, Hitch-bait, Mother


Macy and Sage

I had a blister I had to pop. First one since a while. Also my ankles are swollen. Most of the hikers here had that today though. It looks so weird. 


Miles hiked: 19.2 miles (+0.3 miles to the restaurant and groceries)
Abandoned weather station (2371.4) – Snoqualomie Pass (2390.6)
Weather: Sunny and Hot.

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  1. Ginger says:

    Macy and Sage are famous! They made it on your blog! It was an honor to host all of you!

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