Day 134: Stung by a yellow jacket

Or a bee, or a wasp, or a hornet. Everyone calls them different. And there are a few different sting insects around. (Ik zou ze wesp noemen in het Nederlands.) It was a mean sting in my shoulder, painful for an hour or so. A sting like a vaccination. The rest of the day it wasn’t too bad. Now and then I felt it.

I made myself breakfast this morning. Eggs and bacon, mountain house mean from a hikerbox. Good energy for my 27 mile day today. We were going so good that we passed the water. I had to hike almost 15 miles on less than a liter of water. I had a little tea for breakfast, Sherlock gave me some of hisI   water, so in all I had for the first 15 miles about 1.5 liter of water. I made it, but boy I was thirsty when I got at the spring. 

I hiked with Mother again most of the day. It’s so nice to have some company. We were doing these big miles to make it to another hut. An abandoned weather station. When we arrived we discovered all rumors were right, apart from the pool table (it might be there I didn’t check the whole place) electricity, more sockets then anywhere else, rooms, lights. We are sleeping inside again. I am almost starting to miss my tent.


Ow we had amazing trailmagic from Not Phil’s Dad today. A delicious hotdog, soda, beer, chips, sauces, cookies.


Miles hiked: 26.9 miles (+0.2 to water, +0.2 to toilet at trailmagic, was hidden so I roadwalked a long end, +0.1 to water)
Mike Urich cabin (2344.5) – abandoned weather station (2371.4)
Weather: Sunny!! Warm I was hiking without my sweater and sweating.

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