Day 132: Flat on the ground

I started hiking before Poncho and Dandy did. Always a good feeling not to be the last. I thought I was the only one in my bubble but at lunch a bunch of people passed me.

Handy passed me. He was at Bob Riess when I was there. He has the smallest backpack on the trail, it’s amazing. This was the first time I saw him again. So funny.

Siesta and Chainy passed me and I hiked with them to town. Boy, they hike fast. I bumped my sore foot, which got a bit more sore for a while.  I nearly tripped a few times. And then I tripped, flat in the dirt. I laughed. By the time we got to the road both my feet were hurting and it got worse in the evening.

Siesta told me that the man called Mother was Dutch. When we got to the road Jobs was there with beer and Mother was there. I spoke with him. We are eachothers first Dutch person on the trail. I haven’t met another Dutch person till now. Mother has been living in New Zealand for 16 years. I love the way they speak.

So Mother had a plan of skipping ahead from White Pass to Chinook pass. He is on a schedule to catch his flight. I took the opportunity to go with. If I want to have a shot on finishing and not increase my milage I won’t get to the border at all. Rumour is that the fire closures up north are opened. I was counting of skipping.  I really need to push a little more. Jobs is trailangeling and he would give us a ride.

Chainy gave me a lot of food from his packages. Thank you Chainy!! Other hikers gave me some bars. I bought a few more things so I had 5 days resupply.

I got myself a room. So nice. I watched TV. Fixed my pack. Did a sink laundry. Showered. Got chicken wings at the store with soda and iced tea. Iced my foot. Texted with my boyfriend who was waiting for a flight to go offshore. 


Miles hiked: 15.0 miles (+0.2 to KrackerBarrel store)
Campspot along the trail (2277.4) – White Pass (2292.4)
Weather: No rain!!!! Sunny!! Almost to warm for my sweater.

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  1. Ginger says:

    I have been enjoying your blog since you left from Snoqualmie Pass! So glad I got to meet you and I hope you finished well! Can’t wait to read the last part of your journey.

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