Day 131: Sunny at Goat Rocks

Off course I woke up in the middle of the night. Despite the sikkel shaped moon and it being clouded, it wasn’t too dark. But still dark enough. I had to pee, but the sound of crushing plastic woke me up. What made that sound?! I went to pee. I tried to sleep. I heard something again. I decided to listen to my audio book. Jack London: Pit-tah, the grey wolf. I was awake from 2 till after 4 o’clock this morning. No wonder I had a late start (9:30h). Well maybe it was just an excuse for my late start. The skies from my tent looked promising to one side, there was some blue!

It turned out to be a beautiful day. I was super excited when I got over the first mini pass and saw this:


And it only got better!


Big white goats!! Just after Cispus Pass


Mount Adams


Mount Rainier



The most amazing ridge walk

I got to dry my tent during lunch. I had noodles. I enjoyed the views.

So yesterday was a bad day. During the ride two hikers from Washington skipped ahead. They said:”It’s Washington it’s gonna rain every day. You can’t see a thing so no point in going.” This is very demoralising. Thankfully that were wrong. A day like today motivates me a lot. But a little thing can bring me to the other side again. If I want to finish I have to pick up my milage. Well we’ll see what happens. 

I stopped just after 6 o’clock. I had Knorr teriyaki noodles. A very nice Knorr side. I tought I would be camping alone again, but Dandy and Poncho showed up at 20:30. It’s a very beautiful spot. Bighorn sheep were grazing up the mountain slope in the distance. Tomorrow I’ll be at White Pass, resupply! Backpack fix, with the drier weather it’s a little better but not ideal.

Miles hiked: 15.1 miles
Some lake (2262.3) – Campspot along the trail (2277.4)
Weather: No rain!!!!  I hiked in the sun and in the shade. I hiked above, in and under the clouds. This morning I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t rain. It was wet and cold. I was even wearing my rain trousers! They had to go off within an hour. The jacket was off after 2 hours or so. In the sun it was too warm with my sweater, but in the clouds it was chilly, also the wind was cold.

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  1. Mike Hart says:

    Hi Iris

    Keep going you are almost to Canada. You are an amazing superstar.

  2. Merel says:

    Je doet het super! Nog even en dan ben je in Canada! Een beetje overslaan is niet erg. Je bent van zo ver gekomen, you can do it! 😉

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