Day 129: Mount Adams from a Buddhist tempel

It was still cold this morning. I didn’t feel like getting up. My alarm was set but didn’t go off while the phone is turned off. I was getting pretty stoked with the idea of going into Trout Lake. I am fed up with thus wet grim weather conditions.

Hiking out this morning I felt pretty great. We had big plans, 27 miles to the road and hitch into Trout Lake. It was too cold to stop, but while hiking it was kind of nice. There were strong winds blowing mostly on the other side of the mountain or in the tree tops. All of this made me feel sort of invincible.



Around lunch my foot got really sore again. We sat down by this gravel road and had lunch. Two cars drove past in the direction of Trout Lake. We were too busy eating. When we packed up a couple hiked up to the parking lot where one car was parked. I asked for a ride. Yea they were going in that direction but not all the way. In the end they decided to get a shake in town and they did drove us all the way. Thank you Gary and Jenny!!

It’s labour day weekend. All the accommodations were booked. Thankfully we could stay at the hostel of the Buddhist Temple just 3 miles away. They would pick us up and bring us back to town when we need to.

We had pizza and beer and huckleberry milkshake. Then we got picked up and we got to this amazing place. Clean, tidy, a gorgeous view and 2 awesome dogs. We were very welcome, Andrew and I and two other hikers, Poncho and Dandy. Me and Andrew are the only ones in the 8 person dorm. I dried a lot of my stuff. Showered. We got another dinner, really nice veggies and salad. Delicious!! 

Ow I got to weigh myself: 127.2 lb / 57.5 kg. Not bad. But this was evening with two dinners in me.

Miles hiked: 11.5 miles
Somewhere along the trail (2199.0) – Sawtooth trailhead dirt road (2212.5)
Weather: We were hiking in a cloud, it was sunny in trout lake though. Temperatures on trail were still about 40 Fahrenheit / 5 degrees Celsius.

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