Day 128: Washington is wet

I got hiking by 9 o’clock. I felt like I could do more miles today. And I did. I saw Siesta this morning. The couple she was hiking with and her husband, Jobs, got off trail, due to injuries. She is still feeling strong though. I got the number of Jobs, he is a Trailangel now helping out Siesta and other hikers wherever he can.

We had a big climb this morning. I was going slow but steady. I never caught up to Siesta though. Andrew caught up with me. We ended up hiking together the rest of the day. It was fun chatting with him.

The last three hours it was drissling and raining. We debated staying at an outhouse but we went on. We found a nice little spot. Andrews tent got sort of lost in the mail so he’s without a tent he is sleeping with his head under my tent overhaul. He’s got a cover to keep his sleeping bag dry but still.

Miles hiked: 19.4 miles
Panther Creek (2179.6) – Somewhere along the trail (2199.0)
Weather: Partly cloudy beginning of the day. Sun peeked through at times. Rainy in the afternoon evening. It was so cold during dinner, also because I didn’t change in warmer (drier) clothes. It even took a while to get warm in my sleepingbag. The temperature according to Andrews garmin device said 40 Fahrenheit which is 5 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Merel says:

    Brrrr… koud en nat dus! Wel sneu dat Andrew momenteel geen tent heeft. Ik kan me niet helemaal voorstellen hoe hij de nacht heeft doorgebracht, maar het klinkt oncomfortabel. Je bent al bijna aan het einde van je tocht!!! Nog ongeveer 800 kilometer. Ik hoop dat je het red voor het einde van de maand. Hou je taai!
    xx Merel

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