Day 123 +124: Double zero in Cascade Locks

I was so tired, basically all of Sunday I layed in my bed. I did laundry that’s it. I went out to eat in the evening. It was a lovely day.

So Monday morning I decided to stay for another day. I went to the postoffice to pick up the box my family had send me. It was amazing. I got bars, food, hagelslag. I got some soapy facial cleaning stuff. I got a postcard/letter from my parents, my boyfriend, my sister and my grandmother. My boyfriend got me a beautiful necklace. My sister got me a patch. A patch for patches!





The rest of the day I watched TV. I did my chores. Finally I patched most of the holes in my tent. Cleaned my sleeping pad and rain trousers. Did my resupply. Flushed back my filter.

I got an email from Salomon, I won another pair of shoes! Well I need a new pair of running shoes back home, happy days!

All rested and fresh I will start hiking Washington state tomorrow. Hopefully it rained up north as well and then the fires hopefully will stop soon.

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  1. Ingrid (boka) says:

    Always good to have a box full of surprises. Hope tony threaded you well. 🙂

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