Day 121: All they said about Oregon

When I started the trail, during the trail there were lots of stories about what Oregon would be like.

Someone: It will be flat.
Me: being from the Netherlands I can’t say it’s flat, but yes it’s more flat.

Someone: It will be quick, you can do Oregon within 3 weeks.
Me: Well I guess I will do it in 3 weeks, but also I skipped 86 miles. Oregon is not as easy as everyone makes it sound. This being a low snow year, the river crossings in Oregon (3) were more difficult and challenging than in the Sierras. Hiking on lava is though, especially on trailrunners. Why would you rush? It’s beautiful, Crater Lake, volcanoes, waterfalls.

Someone in the desert: you’re already hiking 20+mile days, you’ll be doing 30 mile days on Oregon.
Me: Well I did my longest day in Oregon, but that was the only 30 mile day I did on Oregon.

Someone: there is a lot of bugs in Oregon
Me: Well there were bees, hornets, yellow jackets and/or wasps. They could be annoying at times. I have a few friends that got bitten by these wasps. However they didn’t seem too aggressive to me, they acted very curious at times. There were a few mosquitoes. The Sierras were so much more horrible with all the mosquitoes.

Today was though. The trail was easy. At the end of the day Soccer Mom caught up with three friends: Crunchberry, Rooster and Trashcan. I went down the Indian spring trail with them. This is a review on Guthook:

Oh, this alternate was a delight. First, plunch down a switchback-lesd, joint- shattering 3 mile goatpath which runs at a 45 degree angle directly down the mountain. This part was clearly blazed by a lunatic. Next, bask in the sublime embrace of foliage as miles of heavily overgrown trail caresses you from head to toe. Then! Rocks! I am talking a solid 8 miles of fist sized razor sharp rocks. To simulate the experience of hiking the Eagle Creek alternate, have a close friend or relative beat the bare soles of your feet with a meat tenderizer for 5-6 hours. At some point stop for 5 minutes to take a picture of a waterfall. 1/10 not recommended.

Hikers like to exaggerate. It’s a beautiful review but I have troubles believing the sincereness of it. If you’re used to easy pct trail it’s true, so far the first three miles have been steep and beautiful. Steep but not dangerous. I am glad I went and my overly tired legs and joints were fine. Curious about the rocks tomorrow… And Tunnel Falls.

The 5 of us are camped on a nice hidden site of trail with benched and everything.

Miles hiked: 19.5 miles
Timberline Trail #600 junction (2108.9) – trail junction (2125.1) – stream (3.3 miles down the Eagle Creek alternate)
Weather: Overcast. Chilly in the morning, warm and sweaty in the afternoon.

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