Day 119: Lucky & Patches: Hiking machines


I promised myself I wouldn’t break before I got to Cascade Locks. I would set up camp before 20:00h. Get a good night sleep. Not to get into the shape I was when going into Big Lake Youth Camp. So far so good. About 6 miles in Lucky showed up.



Lucky wanted some company and so did I. We decided to hike the next 9 miles till lunch together. It was good. We talked and laughed. We sat down for lunch. I made a nice noodle soup. We had a chat with Dan knows a lot about the trails. He planted the idea of kayaking into Canada from Seatle. The rumor has it that the last 130 miles ate closed due to fires. That we can’t hike into Canada.


We went to little Crater Lake. And icy cold beautiful blue lake. We had to go in. I went first, calm and slow. Engineer dived head first and I Filmed Lucky.


At the next waterscource we made dinner and decided to do 9 more miles to make it our biggest day ever. At some point we were unstoppable and hiked all the way up to the Timberline Lodge aka the Lookout.

One of the things I wanted to do in Oregon is to see how far I could hike. Well this is it. I could not have done this without Lucky and Lucky could not have done this without me. We pulled eachother. The last 1.5 miles was the longest and hardest mile as you can imagine. It was like hiking up a sand dune. Felt a little like home.


Me and Lucky crashed and we cowboy camped my whole body is sore.

Miles hiked: 38.6 miles (62.1 km) (+0.5 to and from Little Crater Lake)
Somewhere along the trail (2055.8) – Timberline Lodge (2094.4)
Weather: Who cares?

2 Responses

  1. ID says:

    38,6 miles!!!?

    Thats impressive
    Great job Iris and Lucky.
    Poor feet, think they will be painfull 🙁

    Hope you are on schedule to get on time in Canada and see you boyfriend on time.
    but with this distance I have no do doubt about that.

    Lots of love.
    wish you some good hiking miles


  2. Nathan says:

    38 miles! This beats the 32! Well done!

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